My Top 50 Albums

By Conner Farrell–

Top 4

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West

Random Access Memories- Daft Punk

Currents- Tame Impala

The White Album- The Beatles

Second Tier Classics

Aja- Steely Dan

Discovery- Daft Punk

The Life of Pablo- Kanye West

Nothing was the Same- Drake

Mothership- Led Zeppelin

Moondance- Van Morrison

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles

Yeezus- Kanye West

To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar

This Year’s Model- Elvis Costello

Only by Night- Kings of Leon

Abbey Road- The Beatles

Blonde- Frank Ocean

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late- Drake

808s & Heartbreak- Kanye West

Gaucho- Steely Dan

Other Favorites

Alive 2007- Daft Punk

Take Care- Drake

The College Dropout- Kanye West

Man on the Moon: The End of Day- Kid Cudi

Views- Drake

The Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd

The Very Best of the Doors- the Doors

channel ORANGE- Frank Ocean

Acid Rap- Chance the Rapper

Wolf- Tyler, the Creator

Good kid, M.A.A.D. city- Kendrick Lamar

Revolver- The Beatles

Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager- Kid Cudi

Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend

The Complete Greatest Hits- The Eagles

Rubber Soul- The Beatles

Rumours- Fleetwood Mac

I and Love and You- The Avett Brothers

22, A Million- Bon Iver

Born Sinner- J. Cole

2001- Dr. Dre

Prince- Prince

Section.80- Kendrick Lamar

I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty

Get Rich or Die Tryin’- 50 Cent

What a Time To Be Alive- Drake & Future

Torches- Foster the People

Wingspan- Paul McCartney & Wings

Come Around Sundown- Kings of Leon

Coloring Book- Chance the Rapper

Power down to Power up

By Conner Farrell–

Nowadays, its extremely to not encounter a screen with information on it for more than hour whether that be from a television, computer, and especially a mobile device.

An article released in 2016 by CNN shows that Americans spend on average more than 10 hours per day devoted to screen time.

This is not very hard for me to believe, I feel like in today’s world people sometimes just hop from screen to screen. At work people will be working on a computer, next for their break they will get caught up with their phone, and to relax after said day of work they will be watching TV or surfing the web.

Personally, I feel like this is how many people go about their day because I know that is sometimes how my day goes.

I think it is an essential for people to step away from their devices and screens for points in their day.

It can be overbearing staring a screen all day for your eyes, especially if they are not getting any rest until night time. This will obviously cause your eyes to strain, I have noticed that even just taking 30 minute break after staring a screen is beneficial.

The process of information can sometimes be overbearing as well. Much of the time spent on mobile devices may be devoted to social media. Social media throws so much information at a user that is difficult to sort out what is important such as news and posts from close friends than what is not.

I think it’s very important for people to decrease that 10 hours of screen time. Having a face-to-face interaction with someone or just stepping away and relaxing without entertainment is just needed.

Warriors Cruise to the Finals

By Conner Farrell–

While the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled to close out game three of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, a game in which they had a 21 point lead, the Golden State Warriors wrapped up their series with another route of the San Antonio Spurs.

The win also ensured the Warriors would return to the NBA Finals for a third consecutive year.

The Warriors became the first team in NBA history to start the post-season 12-0, meaning that they have swept every team they have faced.

This stat may be deceiving though, the Warriors have played weak competition on their way to the Finals.

All three of the rounds featured teams with key players missing like Portland’s Jusuf Nurkic, who was a revelation for that team in the closing days of the regular season. Utah’s George Hill, who missed the last three games of the season, was their best option at point guard all season.

The Jazz also had a beaten up Rudy Gobert, a finalist for the defensive player of the year, playing. Lastly, the Spurs had three of their five starters out including veteran point guard Tony Parker and of course star player Kwahi Leonard who was injured in a controversial way by the Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia.

With those injuries being noted, it does not diminish the run of 12 straight wins by the Warriors. Especially, after the Cavaliers failed to keep pace with their spotless record on the other side of the bracket.

I think it speaks to the testament to how hard it really is to win in the playoffs no matter the type of talent a team possess.


The Incredulous Lavar Ball

By Conner Farrell–

Whether you love him or hate him, he’s going to be talked about in mainstream sports media. The patriarch of the Ball clan, who gained his 15 minutes of fame by being the father of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball, has seemingly been everywhere in the news these past few months.

Lavar has raised two other sons committed to play at UCLA, Lianglo and Lamelo. He is the founder of the Big Baller Brand, which has made headlines recently releasing the first shoe of the brand the Lo2 for a whopping 500 dollars.

The notoriety Ball has gained by saying outlandish things has baffled me as a person who is always up-to-date on the latest news in sports.

“Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one,’’ Ball told USA TODAY .

This is the first quote from Ball that induced a face-palm reaction. Ball played at Washington State University and averaged 2.2 points per game his entire career. It was evident from the start that Ball was going to see how he could stretch out his fame.

Ball has continued saying outlandish things from trash-talking De’aaron Fox of Kentucky before their showdown against UCLA, asking for three billion dollars for  initial shoe deal for his sons, and just yesterday squabbling with Kristine Leahy of “the Herd” on Fox Sports 1 on whether his company should appeal to women.

Those three incidents are just a few of many more that have surrounded the media lightening rod that Lavar Ball has become.

I, personally, think that Lavar Ball has done the most lucrative thing to do in his shoes (pun intended). Dominate the conversation whether it is good or bad and just see what happens. You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity, right?


A Rebel without a Case

By Conner Farrell–

Everyone in today’s world owns a smartphone. It is extremely uncommon to know someone under the age of 70 that does not own one let alone know how to use one.

As a smartphone user, myself, it is difficult to go places without it and much like everyone else it is usually always in my line of sight.

That being said, many people also have a case accompanying their phone to ensure it is safe in case of an accident, like the ever so common dropping it on the screen causing it to shatter.

I, however, do not use a case for my phone. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking how could I be so reckless? How have I not dropped my phone? Do I think I’m better than the reader? These are all valid questions

No, I do not think I’m better than my readers. I have dropped my phone multiple times, but (knock on wood) there hasn’t been any damage to my iPhone 7 plus, thankfully. I’m not reckless, I just enjoy the way the phone feels without a case.

As well as I feel like a case makes the already giant phone even more bulky, which compensates any room for me to carry it in my pocket. 

I have own five iPhones in my life, starting with the 3GS and working up all the way to where I am today with the 7 plus.

Out of the phones only one has shattered, ironically it is one of the only phones where I have worn a case.


What the Celtics should do with the First pick

By Conner Farrell–

The always entertaining NBA draft lottery was tonight and featured the Boston Celtics making their way out with the first overall pick.

The franchise is in an unprecedented territory, it is their first time picking first in the draft since 1966 as well as playing in the Eastern conference finals starting tomorrow.

Making it to the Eastern conference finals means that the Celtics are in position to compete for the next few years with the current roster in tact. Adding a young player may not help them take the next step needed to possibly making it to an NBA Finals.

Depending on what happens in the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Celtics may be looking to trade that pick to a team for an already established star player that could help immediately for the next season.


However, a trade like that is unlikely to happen. The Celtics will more than likely be picking Markelle Faulks out of Washington, who has been ranked the best prospect since the start of this year. Faulks averaged 23 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game during his freshman campaign.

In addition to the stellar stats, Faulks has an already NBA ready body. At six foot four with a wingspan of six foot ten Faulks can be a capable defender for the start with length on the perimeter.

Faulks has been compared to Portland Trailblazers point guard Damien Lillard and this is the comparison that I agree with the most. Both are ball centric point guards that look to create their own shots and they are both exceptionally shooters.

I feel like a trade for an already established star would be the right move for a Celtics that looks one step away from competing for a finals. However, passing on a can’t miss prospect like Faulks may come back to bite them. Both are suitable moves.


On to Cleveland

By Conner Farrell–

The Boston Celtics closed out the eastern conference semi-finals against the Washington Wizards tonight in a decisive game seven victory 115-105.

Kelly Olylynk’s 26 points off the bench served as a major catalyst for the team. Isaiah Thomas led the team in scoring at 29 points, he also chipped in 12 assists.

On the losing side, the Wizards’ backcourt led the way much like they did the rest of the postseason. Wall, who played rather poorly, only produced 18 points on 23 shots. This is the first time in 13 games this post-season that Wall has failed to 20 points or more. Bradley Beal led all scorers with 38 points.

The home team won every game in the series, which is an interesting take away from a series that featured over three games that were decided by 20 or more points.

As the Celtics finish this seven game series, they get to look forward to facing Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers who will have nine days of rest between games after back to back sweeps in their first two rounds of play.

James, who has absolutely dominated this post-season, looks to become the first player ever to reach seven straight NBA finals.

The regular season series was won by the Cavaliers two to one with the last game being decided by over 25 points in a beatdown right before the playoffs began.

The series should be interesting one, but I believe it won’t be close. Boston has one of the best home court advantages in the league, but if they are unable to win on the road like this past series, the Celtics will not be able to last long.

Kanye West Summer JamFest Day 3

By Conner Farrell– 

Our Summer JamFest reaches its end by recapping my favorite song from the first three albums in the Yeezy discography.

Champion (Graduation 2007) 

The second song from the Grammy winning album showcases Kanye’s always prevalent braggadocios attitude about himself. Sampling Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne”, this piece serves as a musical victory lap for West who details his journey to the top and becoming a champion. West answers the question posed from the sample in the chorus of the song: “Did you realize that you were a champion in their eyes?”, “Yes, I did”, West answers in typical fashion.

Touch the Sky (Late Registration 2005)

Sampling Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on up” this up-beat piece was the first Kanye song I had ever heard and it made me join the bandwagon immediately. Detailing his life and how at one point he was so poor he and his girlfriend had to “split a buffet at KFC,” just to eat, it is, in my opinion, one of his best songs. A Lupe Fiasco verses closes out the song.

Last Call (The College Dropout 2004)

Perhaps my favorite album in the Ye discography, this 12 minute shout-out track tells the story of how Kanye was able to secure his first record deal in detail. West talks over a soul-sampled for seven minutes of the 12 minutes about how he became the Louis Vuitton. The story itself is interesting enough, but add in a couple great lines and you have a masterpiece. This song features my all-time favorite line in any song: “Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips,”

Kanye West Summer JamFest Day 2

By Conner Farrell–

The Summer JamFest continues as we dissect my favorite song off arguably the three most critically acclaimed albums from Ye.

Primetime (Watch the Throne 2011)

A bonus track from the seven time Grammy nominated Jay-z collaborated project has a heavy soul sample produced by No I.D. Kanye and Jay-z trade verses back and forth about their lavish lifestyles by detailing what it takes to be in ‘Primetime’. Kanye ends the short track by informing his wife via text to run a bubble bath and to “soak in it like a hovercraft” until he arrives home.

Devil in a New Dress (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 2010)

Easily my favorite song in the entire discography of Kanye West. Off the project that is possibly the greatest album of the decade, this masterpiece filled with religious imagery that is familiar in West’s music. The beat produced by Bink is accompanied by a beautiful string arrangement with a repeating singing in the back that give it an airy almost ancient Roman feel. Following two of the most lyrically impressive verses from West and a guitar solo from Mike Dean, Rick Ross gives, in my opinion, the greatest feature verse on any rap song. My favorite line from any song is featured in the song, a classic Kanye witty line detailing a night out with his love interest: “I ordered the jerk, she said you are what you eat.”

Heartless (808s & Heartbreak 2008)

One of the most known songs in Kanye’s arsenal, the song was a number one hit on the Billboard top 100. West laments about how his love interest could be so cold following their separation, it is one of my favorite songs from the album because the production quality is some of the best from Kanye, which is saying a lot, as well as it being the song that introduced me to the artist that is now my favorite.

Kanye West Summer JamFest

By Conner Farrell–

For the next three days I plan to pick my favorite song off of Kanye West’s eight projects as well as my favorite feature. Delving into three albums a day I will start from the most recent project in the Louis Vuitton Don’s discography and include why it stands out to me.

Saint Pablo (The Life of Pablo 2016)

A six minute reflection that focuses on the headlines Mr. West made in 2016 like admitting his financial struggles and erratic Twitter behavior. A beautiful Sampha feature over the Kanye produced beat gives the lyrics a deeper layer. A braggadocios proclamation made by West in the first verse is what makes this bonus track memorable: “I know I’m the most influential, that Time’s cover was just confirmation, this generation’s closest thing to Einstein,”.

I’m In It (Yeezus 2013) 

This deep-cut in the Ye discography is all over the place. A Daft Punk produced beat rides under the overly graphic lyrics.  Sprinkled in is a barking dog over the beat, an atypical Bon Iver feature, and a final hard-hitting verse at the end of that song that concludes with the line “Uh, They be balling in the D-League Uh, I be speaking Swaghili” is what every Kanye stan wants in a song.

New God Flow (Cruel Summer 2012)

Detailing how West went from the “most hated to the champion God flow,” this self produced song is a staple of the style of rap that was prevalent five years ago. A couple verses featuring Pusha T and Ghostface Killah give the song the edge it needs with the driving beat. West’s final goodbye in the song includes a call-out of all his foes, remarking that someone needs to “pick out their clothes,” insinuating they are not as fresh as Ye.